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Companies that work to charge customers more vs less


“There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more, and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.”

Picture of Jeff Bezos

– Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of

I’m pleased to note that by definition, at least 2 of my companies are in line with Jeff Bezos’s philosophy, Makhsoom (which negotiates the largest possible discount for its subscribers) and, which is specialized in helping customers find the cheapest possible accommodation in any destination. Since (an online classified ad resource) is completely free at the moment, I guess it counts as well!

As for the others, we try to find a reasonable balance between adding maximum value to our customers and charging an appropriate price, but I will be thinking of ways to apply Jeff’s mantra wholeheartedly to these businesses too.

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