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The Idea Introduction Pattern, another nugget from Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff


Introducing your big idea shouldn’t take more than 1 minute, says Klaff. Your target hasn’t shown interest yet, so don’t dive into the details.

He recommends using a pattern called the idea introduction pattern to generate interest in the target. This pattern was developed by venture capitalist Geoff Moore in 1999.

Here it is:

For [target customers]
who are dissatisfied with [the current offerings in the market],
My idea/product is a [new idea or product category]
That provides [key problem/solution features].
Unlike [the competing product],
My idea/product is [describe key features].

Here is an example, using, my online classified ad site:

For the people of the Middle East
Who are dissatisfied with the hassle and cost of advertising in traditional classified newspapers is a free, easy to use website
That provides buyers and sellers with a channel free to connect with each other
Unlike newspapers and paid alternatives, is free to both use and advertise in, searchable, and multilingual.

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