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Post the best jobs & find the right outsourcers by reverse engineering Elance / Odesk job posts


In this post I am going to describe a technique I have found useful for finding the right sub-contractor for a job with minimal effort.

Picture yourself in this situation: you have something you need done & you need to find the right person for the job.

Your first step is to head over to Elance or Odesk & post a job description, but how do you describe the job in the right way, to make sure you attract the right kind of contractor?

The technique will help you save time and post a better quality job description, by cobbling together the best parts of similar job descriptions OTHER employers have used.

Here goes:

First, think of some keywords that would be used by other employers to describe the job you are looking for.

E.g. If you were looking for someone to manage your LinkedIn campaigns, such keywords could be “LinkedIn marketing expert, LinkedIn marketing manager, LinkedIn consultant”

What we are going to do is use the Google “site:” operator to search Elance & Odesk for similar job postings.

Let’s start with Elance – Go to Google and type in LinkedIn marketing

You should see something like the following:

The first result is a contractor’s profile (which is useful if you’d like to invite specific people), but in terms of finding other people’s job posts, we need to filter only the results that have a “/j/” in the URL.

To do so, add the following operator to the Google query: inurl:/j/ so that the final search becomes: linkedin marketing inurl:/j/

Now all the results are other people’s job posts, which you can browse around in order to assemble the ultimate job post!

Using this technique you can find great ideas for your own campaigns, as you can see in this Elance job post:


To do the same on Odesk, use this query to filter only jobs:

linkedin marketing inurl:/jobs/



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