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A superior process for hiring the best candidate


From the superb book by Daniel Kahneman “Thinking Fast and Slow”.

This should take 30 mins or so, a small investment that will yield a significant difference in the quality of the people you hire.

Step 1:

Select approximately 6 traits that are prerequisites for success in the position (e.g. technical proficiency, engaging personality, reliability etc), according to these criteria:

  1. The traits should be as independent as possible from each other.
  2. You should be able to assess them reliably by asking a few factual questions.

Step 2:

Make a list of those questions for each trait on a 1-5 scale, with an idea of what you will call “very weak” or “very strong”.

During the interview, collect the information one trait at a time, scoring each before moving to the next (do not skip around). This is to avoid halo effects.

You must firmly resolve to hire the candidate whose final score is the highest, even if there are others whom you like better.

A vast amount of research offers a promise: you are much more likely to find the best candidate if you use this procedure than if you do what people normally do in such situations, which is go into the interview unprepared and to make choices by an overall intuitive judgement such as “I really like this candidate”.

The largest galaxy discovered contains 100,000,000,000,000 stars..
they shouldn’t be that hard to find!

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