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Flow and the meaning of life, a mindmap video walkthrough


I just recorded a quick video talking through my notes for the first chapter of my book which is “Flow and the meaning of life”

It’s a primer on flow states and I think it’s the best answer to the question of “what is the meaning of life” — to live in flow.

You can experience flow with many things that bring you fully into the present, like dancing, sports, meditation, sex, work, art and more.

Lately there is a whole movement around decoding the components and characteristics of flow well as the brain science behind it, for example a McKinsey study found that executives who work in flow report themselves as being 500% more productive than out of flow–the implication of that is that you could come into work for one day and be as productive as your colleagues who work a full workweek out of flow.

Much more to expound on the topic but for now have a look at the video and hit me up with any thoughts or queries 🙂

Here is the mindmap if you’d like to play.


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