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I'm Alex Azzi, I'm an entrepreneur & internet marketer living between Dubai, Beirut & London.

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Stay humble

Filing under the “staying humble” category is this image I stumbled upon from Tim Urban of Wait But Why. As he writes: A really starry sky seems vast—but all we’re looking at is our very local neighborhood. On the very best nights, we can see up to about 2,500 stars (roughly one hundred-millionth of the stars in our galaxy), [...]


My high-tech meditation practice – part 2

In my previous post I outlined my first meditation-tech investment which was the Muse neurofeedback device. In this post I will be discussing my second investment, the Inner Balance Heart Rate Variability (HRV) trainer from HeartMath plus some conclusions from my practice. HRV training is practiced by many of the gurus of the biohacking [...]