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Who am I?

I'm Alex Azzi, I'm an entrepreneur & internet marketer living between Dubai, Beirut & London.

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Life coaching to improve your life in Dubai

  1. Mind
    Your mind controls your reality and your impact on the world. We will work on improving your self discipline, mental patterns, creativity, learning ability and much more.
  2. Body
    I’m not a personal trainer, but I am passionate about health and fitness, and deeply connected to the latest research in physical wellbeing and energy maximization. We will implement the best ideas together.
  3. Money
    Whether your financial goals are entrepreneurial or career oriented, I will help set you on the right track to achieve them.
  4. Relationships
    People skills, networking, romance and everything to do with creating healthy relationships around you

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Who I am

I’m Alex Azzi, an entrepreneur, life-long learner and life coach from New Zealand, living in Dubai for the last five years. I’m passionate about helping people like you live better lives.

We will use the state of the art in coaching methods and technology

We convert the mind map into a coaching management platform, where our main work takes place